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About the International Music Academy

The University of Ljubljana Academy of Music is organizing the 9th international summer academy ACADEMIA MUSICÆ LABACENSIS. Starting in 2020 it began to feature a broader offering of different courses intended for a wide range of international music students and graduates — for those wishing to deepen their knowledge and gain experience from our acclaimed music teachers and artists. The environment in which the summer school takes place is ideal for those already enrolled in a music program but seeking supplementary training in music performance.



​Ljubljana is an inspiration to artists from all over the world who wish to demonstrate their talents in the most beautiful city on earth. The green city of Ljubljana is a cultural centre of Europe, a crossroads of cultural currents between the East and the West, the North and the South. The summer school takes place in the city centre, in the neoclassical Stična Mansion and Casino Palace.

A wide range of accommodations are available close to the summer school, enabling the participants to experience the historical pulse of the city during their stay in Ljubljana. Just a few steps from the classroom will bring you into the heart of the lively atmosphere of the city centre, next to the inspiring banks of the river Ljubljanica. Historic architecture, the castle perched on a hill, museums, old streets and countless bars will be a source of inspiration for your artistic endeavours.


The landscapes of Slovenia are filled with forests, castles, and medieval towns. Slovenia is also a wild area of Europe, featuring coast, mountains, and lakes. Here are the best spots for those seeking nature, history, and adventure (kayaking, sup, canyoning, climbing, skydiving). UNESCO wonders, fabulous local products with world-class cuisine, and excellent wine productions you can discover every day. You can find local bread, cheese, olives, vegetables, and fruit at markets throughout the country. Student meals are subsidized by the government, the Open Kitchen offers the world food on Fridays. Slovenia is an awesome destination for study between the Mediterranean, Alps, Karst, and Pannonian Plain, all in one for the unexpected study experience. Soaking up the sun, savoring every Mediterranean morsel, and partying between the bars are all popular activities. But the area has plenty more to do than perhaps what meets the eye.


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