Academy of Music

The University of Ljubljana Academy of Music was established 80 years ago as the nation’s only institution of higher learning in the filed of music . It connects 160 Slovenian and foreign teachers and over 400 domestic and foreign students. It is affiliated with important international university associations and actively collaborates with music academies in all neighbouring countries. The Academy presents more than 150 concerts annually, making it one of the largest presenters of cultural events in Slovenia. Its various ensembles are frequent guests on important stages across Europe. The Academy regularly collaborates with internationally acclaimed music teachers, some of whom will participate in the summer school as well. 
Beyond talent, you need to work hard, be committed to your art, and believe music deeply. Whatever path you choose — performer, teacher, scholar — the Ljubljana Academy of Music will provide you with a thorough and rigorous conservatory-level training that will guide you on that journey.

Small is good

The Ljubljana Academy of Music offers a three-to-one student to faculty ratio. This means you will benefit from significant individual attention and dedicated instruction. But small does not mean limited. As a  leading Central European music institution of higher learning with an eighty-year history and unique geographical position, the Academy’s music program is based on a comprehensive synthesis of Italian, Germanic, Hungarian and Slavic music traditions.

The academy offers the students many performance opportunities. There are over 150 student performances concerts and events annually. Every year the students are the recipients of over a hundred awards at national and international competitions. Our graduates have a high employment rate and regularly win auditions for international orchestras such as the Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra, the Mediterranean Youth Orchestra, Nei suoni dei luoghi, CEMAN, Euphony, and others. An integrated part of the European-wide Bologna system of comparable standards, the Academy is also affiliated with a number of international associations and higher music education networks — for example the AEC, Medinea, CEEC, GMEL and the Music Education Alliance Across the “Belt and Road”. 

Facts at a Glance
  • Founded in 1939

  • 3/1 student to faculty ratio

  • 435 students (20% are international students)

  • 87 full-time professors

  • 81 part-time professors