AML Strings

Masterclass for Chamber Music


August 20, 2021 - August 22, 2021

Welcome at Academia Musicae Labacensis Strings - »AML« Strings. We would like to invite violinists, cellists violists and chamber musicians who wish to experience an intensive period of musical developement in Ljubljana - the capital of Slovenia. Summer school will take place in 3 sessions: two longer sessions with mostly individual lectures and a shorter session of chamber music summer school. 


  • Session A, 15–20 August 2021 (Final concert): Janez Podlesek – violin, Gal Faganel – cello

  • Session B, 21–23 August 2021 (Final concert): Chamber music summer school

  • Session C, 23–30 August 2021 (Final concert): Lana Trotovsek – violin, Nobuko Imai – viola, Emile Cantor – viola, Maja Rome – viola

Chamber Music

  • Chamber music summer school (Session B) will take place from 21 to 23 August, 2021.  

Programme includes 3 individual lessons, group lectures and concerts. 

For participants of AML Strings solo courses is Chamber music summer school free of charge.

AML Strings Chamber Music

Meet the team

AML Strings Lecturers



AML Strings: Concert of Violin and Chamber Music Participants

Carniolan Provincial Assembly Building, University Hall

August 20, 2021, 04:00 PM

Participants of AML Strings Violin and Chamber Music with professor Janez Podlesek


AML Strings: Concert of Chamber Groups

Carniolan Provincial Assembly Building, University Hall

August 29, 2021, 11:00 PM

AML Strings Chamber Music participants

Applicant Information

Max No. of Participants:

18 active participants


  • high school students,

  • university students,

  • young professional musicians.


Active participation:

  • 100 € per person,

  • 300 € for formed groups,

  • *free of charge for »AML« strings solo courses participants.

Passive participation:

  • 50 € per course

  • The Music school teachers who will passively participate in the festival will receive the certificate of participation, which can be used when applying for promotion.

Payment / cancellation:

Non - refundable registration fee of 100 EUR must be payed when applying for the course, the remaining amount must be paid at the beggining of summer school.

Please add clearly what course (violin/ cello/ viola/ chamber) you would like to participate in and the participant's name when making a transfer.

Applications for this course are already closed.

AML Strings Chamber Music