Blow Your Mind

Masterclass for Trumpet


September 1, 2021 - September 5, 2021

Kristian Steenstrup and Franc Kosem will be sharing and presenting their knowledge and experiences with players of all levels at the Summer School AG for trumpet. This high-quality offering is for both beginners as well as professional musicians alike: as a refresher course or as an opportunity for the attendees to immerse themselves in the training of these two experienced pedagogues. Each participant of the summer school will be able to attend at least two individual lessons with each lecturer, to group lessons devoted to the fundamentals of trumpet playing, as well as to accompaniment with an experienced piano player. To fully take advantage of all that these distinguished lecturers have to offer, the students are encouraged to prepare at least one trumpet piece with piano accompaniment, and/or compositions for solo trumpet or etudes. Orchestral trumpet literature of any genre is also very welcome.

Blow Your Mind

Meet the team


Franc Kosem



Kristian Steenstrup





Blow Your Mind: Final Concert of Participants

Carniolan Provincial Assembly Building, University Hall

September 5, 2021, 09:00 AM

Blow Your Mind participants

Applicant Information

Max No. of Participants:

16 active participants


5-99 years


Active Participants:

  • 350 €

  • 250 € (Students of Partner Institutions)

  • 175 € (Students of the University of Ljubljana Academy of Music)

Passive Participants:

  • 100€ per course

  • The Music school teachers who will passively participate in the festival will receive the certificate of participation, which can be used when applying for promotion.

Applications for this course are already closed.

Blow Your Mind