Poetry through Song

Masterclass for Singers and Pianists


August 15, 2021 - August 20, 2021

Theresa Plut and Giacomo Battarino will lead the masterclass in tandem, together offering insight and suggestions to the singer-pianist duos. The class is intended to guide the duos to an understanding of Art song as musical poetry, where the narrative of music originates from the text. Specific elements of vocal chamber music performance practice will be addressed, as well as a focus on interpretation for both the singer and collaborative pianist, encouraging expressiveness and initiative of each one within the duo dynamic. The class is intended for students of secondary music schools as well as university programme students, who apply together as duos.

Poetry through Song

Meet the team


Theresa Plut



Giacomo Battarino




Applicant Information

Max No. of Participants:

12 individuals (6 duos)


  • students of secondary music schools,

  • university programmes.


Active participation:

Students are asked to apply together as duos: singer - pianist, and will receive daily lessons.

  • 400 €/duo, for applications prior to 13 July 2021: 350 €/duo

Passive participation:

  • 100 € per course,

  • 30 € per day.

  • The Music school teachers who will passively participate in the festival will receive the certificate of participation, which can be used when applying for promotion.

Unfortunately this course is not availible this year.

Poetry through Song