The Day of Harmonica

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New date (in September) will be known soon.

Harmonica, also known as »mouth organ”, or “harp” in blues, small, tiny – for the most of musical connoisseurs and laypersons – an instrument with unsuspected possibilities of passing different music: from folk, light, jazz, to the most complicated classics from baroque to the contemporary serious music. 

Long time already there is a wish of instigators for this instrument to be integrated in the music schools; so now the paths are opening to reach this goal. Public Fund for Cultural Activities of Republic of Slovenia and the Academy of Music of the University of Ljubljana are ready to support education of candidates/competent people for teaching this instrument in the music schools. 

After the long-time of wide and manifold experiences of the professional violinist, multi-instrumentalist and composer Vladimir Hrovat, the new school with new views, which include the elements, many of them unknown for the other world schools of playing harmonica. (This found out also an American musician and pedagogue, who includes this original ground to his doctorate dissertation about “the goal to have the chromatic harmonica taught in music schools, with the same expectation as for any other traditional musical instrument or voice”.)

Promotion, led by mentors Vladimir Hrovat and Simona Perme as the assistant, goes as follows:

  • Morning – from 10 am to 1 pm – welcome speeches, 45-minutes concert of the Sorarmonica Duo, listening to some recordings of the mentors with the orchestras and a recording of the harmonica octet, introduce of the bilingual Slovene-English school/handbook Do We KNOW HOW To Play Harmonica, lecture by the projections, promotion of eight CD albums, chats and maybe some concrete agreements;

  • Afternoon – 3 pm to 7 pm – the short introductory seminar with practical work on acquainting candidates with posture of body, hold the instrument, diaphragm breathing, exercises of breathing through the instrument, playing with sharpened lips, trial of playing the first exercises (by the music notes on the screen) … discussion, chats, agreements …

Let the candidates bring the chromatic four-octaves harmonicas with the range from the small c to d4 tuned “in C”.

Contact with the mentor Vladimir Hrovat available on phone +386 41 760 736 or e-mail

The day of harmonica

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  • Students of the pedagogic departments, and specially the instrumentalists of different fields, the most suitable – surprising(?) – the bow-strings players. Why? Because their lips adjustment is (still) neutral, but they already know how to shape the sound, and the controlled hand vibrato is also similar. Individual (of course) lessons should begin in the middle of the first semester or at last on the second semester of the study’s year 2021/2022. By continuing their study, after this first step, in spite of rather short time of education, the most of the students could probably start already to teach the beginners in music schools – in the season 2022/2023. Classes under the auspices of the Public Fund shall be given in the spaces of Academy of Music in Ljubljana, and in the shortest possible time will include also the common playing, as just the harmonicas as in combinations with some other suitable instruments. For the students of the Academy maybe the harmonica could be valid as a “second instrument”.

  • Besides the students, the leaders of the institutions for musical education are invited with special welcome, to recognize how to include harmonica in their schools. The persons who already teach playing of some other instrument and are interested in teaching playing harmonica are welcome also, and the same it’s valid for the candidates from the neighbour lands, who can expand their new knowledge to their areas: as Slovene as the German, Italian or Croatian speaking people. (English not excluded.)


No charge, please if you check in! Thank you!

Unfortunately this course is not availible this year.

The day of harmonica