Simona Perme


The Day of Harmonica

unfortunately won't participate this year.

SIMONA PERME earned a Master of Science degree in civil engineering and began her musical journey on the piano in the music school in her native city of Kranj. “For my 26th birthday my father gave me a chromatic harmonica and payed education on the seminar led by Vladimir Hrovat. Participation at the seminar bore fruits, so later Vladimir invited me many times for the different occasions” she said. She was a member of the young ladies’ quartet Masque, and in the Sorarmonica ensemble Hrovat as the leader entrusted her the administration and organisation of the group’s sharing the festivals around the world.

Since founding of The Harmonica Concert Ensemble (Octet) SORAMONICA, a very special era of collaboration between Vladimir Hrovat and Simona Perme marks Slovene scope of harmonica. Under their leadership, besides Slovenia, ensemble visited many parts of Europe (Croatia, England, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, North Macedonia), at the festivals won a heap of medals, the Grand Prix as well, and successfully performed in Asia – Taiwan also. As the group reduced step by step, and then the Covid19 stopped a big part of cultural life, Simona and Vladimir succeed to reach almost incredible achievements as the harmonica duo, but also as the tandem by her poetry and his composers-ship, creating new vocal and vocal-instrumental music. About their playing critics write many superlatives, for example: after the premiere concert performance of Hrovat’s Concerto S / for Grand-solo and Balcony-solo Harmonicas, Strings Orchestra and the Percussion (dedicated to the Simona’s special occasion), said that “with this special treat the soloists brought heavenly atmosphere to the hall”; and about their new CD album Intimate Impressions of Great Masterpieces the STARS ILLUSTRATED Magazine / Times Square Press New York sais that this “CD is a treasure”, they “created a masterpiece”, “creative and innovative with human warmth, and you can feel it in almost all the pieces”, “in their hands, the harmonica is transmuted into a powerful and gigantic orchestral instrument; it is really a miracle”, “after listening to Simona Perme and Vladimir Hrovat, one begins to wonder why the harmonica was never incorporated into symphonic orchestras …”