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AML Clarinet

Clarinet Masterclasses


August 28, 2023 - September 1, 2023

workshops • concerts • lectures • instrument presentations

Unlock Your Clarinet Potential at the Summer International Masterclasses!

Immerse  yourself in a transformative musical journey this summer at the  Ljubljana Academy of Music, where the world-renowned clarinet virtuosos  Joë Christophe, Carlos Ferreira, Sergio Pires, and Tadej Kenig await to  guide you towards excellence.

Discover  the power of harmonious collaboration and refine your clarinet skills  alongside these exceptional maestros, as they share their invaluable  expertise, techniques, and insights. Whether you're a passionate  beginner, an aspiring professional, or a seasoned performer, our  masterclasses cater to musicians of all levels, embracing a supportive  and inclusive learning environment.

Here's what makes our Summer International Masterclasses truly exceptional:

Unparalleled  Instruction: Experience world-class training as each of our esteemed  artists imparts their unique knowledge, honed through years of  international performance careers. From mastering the fundamentals to  refining advanced techniques, their guidance will inspire you to reach  new heights of artistic expression.

Cultural  Exchange: Connect with fellow clarinet enthusiasts from across the  globe and forge lasting friendships with like-minded individuals who  share your passion for music. Embrace the opportunity to explore diverse  cultures, perspectives, and musical traditions, fostering a rich and  immersive experience.

Repertoire  Exploration: Delve into a vast repertoire of classical, contemporary,  and cross-genre works, carefully curated to challenge and captivate  participants of all musical tastes. Expand your artistic horizons,  broaden your musical versatility, and discover hidden gems that will  enrich your performance repertoire.

Personalized  Attention: Benefit from individual attention and personalized feedback  during dedicated one-on-one sessions with our esteemed faculty. They  will tailor their guidance to address your specific needs, empowering  you with the tools and techniques necessary for artistic growth.

Inspiring  Setting: Immerse yourself in the breathtaking ambiance of the  University in Ljubljana Academy of Music, a prestigious institution  known for its commitment to excellence. Surround yourself with the  energy of creativity, allowing inspiration to flow freely within the  hallowed halls that have nurtured countless musical talents.

Unforgettable  Summer Experience: While perfecting your clarinet skills, take  advantage of the picturesque city of Ljubljana and its vibrant cultural  scene. Explore the city's charming streets, indulge in local cuisine,  and immerse yourself in the Slovenian way of life, creating  unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

Don't  miss your chance to embark on this extraordinary musical adventure!  Join us at the Summer International Masterclasses for Clarinet and  unlock your true potential under the guidance of these remarkable  artists. Enroll today and let your clarinet soar to new heights of  artistry and expression!

For  more information and to secure your place, visit our website or contact  us directly. Let the music of Ljubljana resonate within you this  summer!

AML Clarinet

Meet the team


Joë Christophe



Tadej Kenig



Carlos Ferreira



Sérgio Fernandes Pires




Applicant Information

Max No. of Participants:



15 +

AML Clarinet


  • 500 € (400 € if you apply till June 15)


Unfortunately this course is not availible this year.

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